Monday, July 14, 2008

Couple of expressions!

I did the first sketch a while back, I looked at it and thought that the character was pretty good, but the drawing looked to stiff and boring. So I decided to take the same character and do a couple of expressions with it!


Monday, July 7, 2008

O__o Red Ninja!

We got to animate a couple of scenes from our Red Ninja storyboard. I worked pretty hard on this one, I didn't have time to finish up the last scene but the movement is still there! I hope you like it.
Next year's second year students are lucky, they get brand new designs of the characters. Our storyboard teacher made the designs based on some Bruce Timm characters, they look so sweet and are going to be awesome to animate!

What are you looking at me for...

Here's the first feature quality lip sync I've done.
What are you looking at me for!

No more weird pirate ...

Here's a couple of animations using Harmony, one of most used program in the industry right now. We got brand new characters this year, no more weird pirates for us!

Walk cycle

Run cycle

Papyrus from ... Papyrus

I did like 10 000 assignments with this character, we used him way too much. It's Papyrus from... Papyrus (I never heard of it either). In this assignment he is in a spacesuit instead of being the Egyptian nudist he is. So here we go, running away from camera in perspective! This was my final for the first semester of second year.

the head rotation

I got to draw Goofy A LOT in second year! We did 2 animations of him, a storyboard and a posing assignment in Design; I now have a pretty good grasp of the character. Here's one of the animations: the head rotation. I got a good mark on that one :D

Headaches ...

The dogwalk assignment was probably the one that gave me the most headaches. Animating an animal is a lot harder then I thought. It makes you respect a lot more the animators that worked on movies like Lion King and Bambi.

Red Ninja ...

I had a blast in storyboard class, here's my last assignment : Red Ninja. There's a few errors here and there but I still think it turned out pretty good :D
I slapped in the intermission to separate the two biggest part of our assignment. The assignment was split into 4 parts: The beginning (introducing the mood, characters, etc), the action sequence, the conclusion and adding shading to a small section of the storyboard. I spent way too much time on the shading :P

I just figured out how to post videos so I'll be adding a lot of my animations later today or tomorrow.