Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Steal one of Area 51's ships and sing One is the Loneliest Number...

Here's the backup story for my character:

The ship that my character was flying is an alien ship that was stored at Area 51. My character, Rosco, wasn't a test pilot or a scientist but a simple janitor. He got the job through his best friend, Tim. Tim and Rosco go way back, they used to go to high school together. They didn't really have anything in common: Tim was a straight A student with great aspiration of becoming an astronaut, while Rosco was a complete slacker who's only interest were to party and rock out (mostly air guitar). They only became friends because Rosco needed help with his grades and Tim needed help with the girls.

After acing high school for Tim and barely scrapping by for Rosco, they became room-mates during University. Tim was trying to get his bachelor in astronomy while Rosco was only there for the parties, which he often hosted. 4 years later Tim graduated with honors and got a job at Area 51 as a special astronomic scientist. After many months of begging, Tim finally put in a good word for Rosco which got him a job as a janitor.

Everything went well, Tim worked in the labs during the day and Rosco mopped the floors during night. They didn't see much of each other but Tim liked it that way, less distractions. One day Tim had to take one of his co-worker's shift, he needed to study the nocturnal activities of some of the smaller aliens. Tim didn't know much about alien activities but the other scientist assured him that he only needed to keep track of what they were doing and write it down on a notepad. The aliens didn't do much anyways; they mostly ran around and threw glowing feces at one another. Everything was well, until Rosco showed up at the door with a boom box and his other best friend, Jack Daniels. It took a little convincing but Tim finally got into it. It was like the old days, the two of them partying together. Rosco even got a few of the aliens out and they joined the party: singing and dancing the night away.

After about 7 hours, the party died down and the dust settled. The lab was a mess but Tim cleaned everything up... just like the old days. The scientists came in to start their day-shifts, they didn't seem to notice what happened during the night. Tim and Rosco would of had got away with the late night boozing; only if Rosco didn't wake up in his underwear cuddling one of the aliens, with a frowning security guard standing beside him.

Since only the two of them had the night shift, they both got escorted by the security guard to the Boss' office. The Boss asked for an explanations. Rosco had been fired a bunch of times in his life, he couldn't care less of what would happen, he would just get another job somewhere else with Tim. The job at Area 51 was incredibly important to Tim, so for the first time he betrayed Rosco and told the Boss that this incident was completely Rosco's fault. Rosco didn't say a word he just looked at his friend speechless.

Rosco was devastated, he just drowned his sorrow with cheap liquor. The only sensible thing left for him to do now, was to steal one of Area 51's ships and sing One is the Loneliest Number until he crashes into a nearby city.

That is the entire story of why my character is the pilot of a spaceship.

So that's pretty much the entire story behind my character. It was pretty funny to tell a shortened version in front of my class.


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Christine said...

Salut Mat! C'est vraiment cool tes dessins...J'ADORE! T'as vraiment du talent!!! F√ČLICITATION!
Christine -xxx-

Mike Collymore said...

Nice job Hains, that turned out pretty damn ill. Did you hand in a version with colour at all, or just add that later? I've been thinking about colouring mine but never got around to it.

mathieu hains said...

I added the colors later, but I did have the sweet borders and the yellowish design behind him :)

Thanks for the post!

Mike Collymore said...

Hah yeah the border is sick. Mine was alright but it didn't show up when I printed it out so I think I lost points even though it was there if you looked hard enough.