Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Un bien drole de chien

Here's a few illustrations I'm working on for a short story published in Mon Mag a Moi. I toned them the same way I did for my samurai comic, but turns out they have to be colored! I'll add the colors during the week and repost these bad boys when they're done... stay tuned!


Elizabeth said...

tres cool jdois dire, jaime bien le dessin birds-eye.

Monsieur se fait publier dans les magazines je vois :P

Good on you!

MayYeo said...

Aw, I love your style Matt, I'll never get tired of it ^^
Looking cool so far, i like the B&W version but I'll keep an eye for the colored one!
Just one crit, the perspective on the last one is kinda weird o.o The guy is too long

Trent Correy said...

Matt, cool stuff man. The feel and composition of these are great! Nice T-rex, I love it!

mathieu hains said...

Thanks for the C&Cs. You know it Liz, I've been up to since for close to 3 years! If you ever hang out at french highschools or gradeschools, try to find either Mon Mag a Moi, QUAD9 or Tremplin, liying around!

Looking back at the last illustration, he does look kinda long... I'm going to try to shorten the upper body and sink the head behind the shoulders even more. Do you think that should do the trick?

I like how the t-rex turned out as well, dinosaurs are a pain to draw.

Emily Hann said...

wow those rock Mat!!!! I actually really dig the greyscale but I'll check out the coloured versions too!