Friday, December 11, 2009


I did a couple of illustrations for Mon Mag a Moi. They are like games you see on the back of cereal boxes, the ones where you have to find errors. The theme was dessert, so I did them and sent them off to the client. Here's the kicker... the theme wasn't desserts but desert! So I had to do another set!! So, I saw the sun come up a few times this week and got to post a few more illustrations on this blog. Here's the 2 sets and a close up.

By the way, there's 7 errors!


Mike said...

Hey Dude! this is cool beans! I've always loved these things! I copied the Dessert one and Tried to play with it and upload it back into this comments thinger, but it won't let me. (I even went all cool "Tom Crook" about it and circled everything in red) but yeah;
-the treat holders top is a triangle instead of a circle;
-your missing a lady finger; -you're missing a cherry on one of the cupcakes;
-the ice creams a different colour;
-one of the cookies is gone;
-One of the treats is reversed
-ANNND you're missing an icing blob on the top of the cake!

mathieu hains said...

I red circled everything when I sent it off to the client, but didn't add question marks and random scribblings on it. You just win the satisfaction of knowing that you are as smart as 4th graders! I agree with you, I loved those things when they used to be on cereal boxes. They're like 5 times harder when you've just woken up.

Thank you for posting!

Elizabeth said...

well both are very nice!! Man these things aren't easy, i think i need to finish my first cup of coffe before i try doing these puzzles! Very cool stuff! :)

Sketch blog said...

bahah that's hilarious, I for sure would have made the same mistake.hahaha
you sleepless basterd.
you I have your ticket, so you could pick it up...or wait till the 17th and we'll meet up on the way. It's up to you!
Let me kno!

Anonymous said...


Kyle Hunter said...

it took me a while but me and a buddy finally found the seventh thing... friggin hat