Thursday, March 11, 2010


For close to a year now, I've been working on the mini serie Carcajou for Tremplin magazines. The comic bounced between two styles depending on if it was for 4th or 2nd graders. After 20 comics the adventure as come to an end. It was a great project and I'm glad I was part of it.

Here's the last 4 one-pagers for the 2nd graders and a few samples from the last 2 comics for the 4th graders.


MayYeo said...

Really cool comic pages! I understood a little bit, xD Darn French. Anyway, Carccajou is a cute creature, whatever he is xD So your contract's over or something?

mathieu hains said...

Yep, for the Tremplin magazine, but I still have a few other projects for CFORP's other magazines. A carcajou is a wolverine by the way.

Collin Tsandilis said...

You run the place yet? lol
Great work matt.