Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Northern Shopper Poster

I was really happy that Simplebranch contacted me to create a poster for the Northern Shopper.  They made NS' beautiful website  (http://thenorthernshopper.com/) which was a great source of reference to get a grasp of what Northern Shopper does.  They basically get fresh food and goods to the Nunavut via boat and airplane.  You can get more info on their website. 

The initial idea was to create a map of Nunavut and show where NS delivers the food&goods.  Simplebranch told me to go wild and come up with other ideas.  I did what I do best and got over 30 ideas on paper.  I pitched them 10 ideas that I'm really proud of!  I'm sure that I'll be able to use some of them in later projects.  We ended up going with the Lime version to match the website.

Thanks again for the project Simplebranch!

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